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"The students and staff of Sir Robert Borden High School are a community of learners dedicated to creating an environment in which learning and growing for both staff and students is highly valued."






It’s the end of the school year; a time to say many thanks and farewell to a number of contract and long-term occasional staff who are moving on for the upcoming school year. We congratulate our English teacher, Ms. Lunney, who is retiring. Ms. Lalande will be at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School and Vice-Principal Riddell will be at Glebe Collegiate next year.  A sincere thank you to our long-term occasional staff: Mr. Depew, Mr. Clark, Mr. Lee, Ms. Mason. Mr Meldrum, Mr. Richardson, Ms. Taylor, Ms. Vassilets, and Ms. Zhao. Good luck to everyone in their future endeavours!


Next year, we welcome Mr. Rob Anderson as our Vice-Principal and Ms. Roberta Archibald as our  Music teacher. Mr.Trott and Ms. Hayes-Crook will be the teachers of two new Autism classes opening in September. 

2014-2015 for all Grades

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School Fees for 2014-2015

The table to the right indicates the breakdown of the school fees. Students who do NOT want a yearbook but still wish to contribute the school fees, pay only $20.

The payment of school fees is voluntary at SRB. Please contact the Principal should there be financial difficulties. School fees can be paid when students come to collect their schedule and choose their locker in August. Payment is by cash, debit or cheques dated that day. No post-dated cheques please.  Students at SRB will be issued a heavy-duty Dudley lock when they pick up their timetable. Below are the times for locker distribution. Students may NOT line-up before 8:15 am.  Please note the following times:

Grade 12 students               Thursday, August 28th        from 8:30 am to 10:30 am

Grade 11 students               Thursday, August 28th        from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Grade 10 students               Thursday, August 28th        from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Grade 9 students                 Friday, August 29th              from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm


We realize that some students may not be available at this time. Friends or family members may pay the school costs and pick up the schedule, lock, and locker on behalf of someone else. 


Students at Sir Robert Borden High School have always been able to and can still follow a path to graduation without paying additional class fees.

The Athletic Department charges additional team fees for extra-curricular activities that require uniforms, additional tournaments and transportation outside of the regular sport schedule. The Department pays for the rental and lining of fields, referees, and equipment purchases. Personal equipment, such as mouth and shin guards, remains the responsibility of the individual player. Please contact the Principal should there be financial difficulties. Schools are not eligible to issue income tax receipts for these fees.


The school has cameras in place to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff and to discourage thefts. While students are encouraged to use iPads, iPhones, Netbooks and laptops, the school cannot assume responsibility for their disappearance. Families are encouraged to check with their personal insurance companies to determine their coverage before their child brings an expensive item to school. All students will have a personal locker with a combination that is NOT shared with anyone. At the beginning of the school year, the Main Office records the locker number and combination of all students. Lockers are NOT to be shared.

Summer School @ SRB

Summer school at SRB is NOT run by the staff at SRB. The summer school office is located in room 201 and their phone number is 613-829-5365. Summer School runs from July 3rd to 25th.

Summer Office Hours for SRB

The summer hours for the SRB office are from 8 am to 2 pm. The school is closed from July 28th to August 8th.  Please visit our website at

First Day of School – Tuesday, September 2nd 

At SRB, Grade 9 Orientation will take place at 8:45 am on Tuesday, September 2nd in the foyer. ALL grade 9s are expected to attend. Grade 9s must bring their timetables and keep them in their lockers in preparation for their periods 3 and 4 class schedule in the afternoon.

Students in Grade 10, 11, and 12 arrive to school for a 9:30 start of their period 1,2,3,4 classes.

Wednesday, September 3rd will be a regular Day 1 with classes beginning at 9:00 am sharp with opening exercises.

Happy Summer!

I hope that students and staff rest and relax with friends and family and take advantage of the summer weather for some well-deserved fun. I wish everyone a safe and happy summer.

Kind regards,
Wendy Verreault
Proud Principal @ SRB
An Important Reminder
from the Ottawa Public Health Immunization Program

A booster for tetanus and diphtheria vaccines is needed ten years after the preschool booster, usually between ages 14 and 16.


The vaccine recommended for adolescents is called Adacel. This vaccine has added protection against whooping cough, or pertussis.


Ontario students are required to have up to date immunization, including the adolescent booster dose for tetanus and diphtheria. If you are visiting your doctor this summer, be sure to update the student’s record with Ottawa Public Health.


To update the record online, refer to


To contact Ottawa Public Health:

Mail: 100 Constellation Crescent, Ottawa, ON  K2G 6J8

Phone: 613-580-6744 extension 24108

Fax: 613-580-9660